20 Years of Defending the Amazon


20 Years of Defending the Amazon


Amazon Watch


October, 2016

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Amazon Watch approached us to tell the story of their organization over the past 20 years and their global movement to protect the Amazon rainforest. Since its founding in 1996, Amazon Watch has been deeply committed to defending the rights and territories of indigenous peoples: the best guardians of their rainforest homes. Considering that indigenously held lands contain 80 percent of global biodiversity, it is no surprise that extractive industries want their resources. If left to them, the Amazon’s sacred headwaters would become one big oil field, and the watersheds of the Brazilian Amazon would be destroyed by agribusiness and mega-dams. Amazon Watch has stood with indigenous allies in defending their territories and sacred natural areas as industrial “No Go Zones’ for 20 years,exposing and pressuring the governments, corporations, and financiers who are causing environmental harm and indigenous rights law rollbacks.

Ecodeo delivered a video package to Amazon Watch to use as a communications tool across all their feeds for upcoming campaigns and ongoing advocacy. We produced a longer piece for their 20th Anniversary Gala and shorter social media videos to help activate online audiences. We shot a variety of interviews with Amazon Watch’s staff as well as their partners in the Amazon basin, indigenous leaders, and celebrities such as Ed Begley Jr., and worked with 10 terabytes of historic documentation and imagery from over 20 years of campaigns. Our video has been seen by a quarter of a million viewers, and was sent directly to over 200,000 people. It has been instrumental in Amazon Watch’s fundraising efforts for their ongoing campaigns against fossil fuel incursions on indigenous lands in the Amazon.