Legacy Vacation Resorts


Legacy Vacation Resorts wanted to get the word out that there is a sustainable way to vacay. As a Certified B Corp, they put people, the planet, and our communities above profit. This eco-resort is committed to using 100% renewable energy, we donate 1% of annual hotel revenue to environmental organizations, focus on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice, and fight for a better future. As Legacy Vacation Resorts grows, they want to attract new tourists and customers who value sustainability.

Our scripting and animation work here helped highlight resort offerings and the advantages of booking direct. In collaboration with the Legacy Vacation Resorts marketing team, we focused these animations on Sustainability Education for customers, potential new customers, and the market. We highlighted the resort's mission to make a difference for good as well as some of the sustainable efforts the resort makes and that Legacy furthermore supports local social and economic initiatives and the ways the resorts care for the local ecosystems and communities where the resorts are. It matters a great deal in terms of ecosystem impact when you book at an eco-resort but, most people don't know that. It's not easy for resorts to be green; these guys have figured it out! They are total green trailblazers in the Tourism and Travel sectors! They wanted to attract new customers to kick back in their spacious & sustainable suites with locations in FL, CO, NV, and NJ. We had fun designing these and can't wait to stay in their resorts! #bcorp #greentravel #Ecotourism #BTourism#sustainabletravel #1%forplanet #bthechange #Travelasaforceforgood #legacyvacationresorts #ecodeo #travel#tourism

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